Blast for Me 2: An Eye for an Eye (Paperback)

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By Ghost
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The stakes are high and the drama is intense. The streets want revenge on J.T. in the worst way, and only his soul being sent to hell will satisfy the vicious killers who have united to end his life. Folding under pressure isn't part of this shooter's street pedigree. To die how he lived isn't feared, it's welcomed, as long as he takes a few bodies to the grave with him. His sole mission is to make sure that LIL' MOMMA and JENNIFER are well taken care of before he meets his bloody end. Will J.T.'s cold-hearted enemies get to him before he gets to them? Or will they target those who he cherish more than life itself? Could it really be that his ridah, Lil' Momma, must pay for his sins? Only God knows for sure. But the devil is determined to win. BLAST FOR ME 2: AN EYE FOR AN EYE. Hide the children

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ISBN: 9781948878432
ISBN-10: 1948878437
Publisher: Lock Down Publications
Publication Date: August 17th, 2018
Pages: 194
Language: English